How do you get into my home if I’m not there?

We either ask for a key that we keep in a secure lockbox when not in use, or we can gain access through a garage code if you prefer. We will disarm and re-arm your alarm systems if you need us to.

How do I pay for maid services?

Most of our customers prefer to pay by credit or debit card number that we securely keep on file, or they leave us a check at each maid service visit.

What if something gets broken or damaged during a maid services visit?

Our insurance coverage will take care of any claims if this happens.

Do I need to leave out my own cleaning equipment or supplies?

No, our maid services crews bring everything they need with them.

What if there are certain rooms I don’t want your maid services to clean?

Our maid services crews will not enter any room where you have closed the door. We provide a communications logbook so you can communicate directly with your maid services crew with any special details for your clean.

What is included in custom maid services plans?

Since every home is lived in differently, we keep a personalized log of exactly what you need to be cleaned. We also note areas requiring special care and attention. We tailor the maid services plan to your needs and budget.

What kind of cleaning cloths will you use to clean my house?

We bring a clean, fresh set of color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to each home to ensure that we reduce all chances of cross-contamination. You can be assured that the cloth that cleans your toilet will not be used on your kitchen counter tops!

Will I get the same cleaner each time?

Yes. At NetMaidz, the same crew cleans your house each time. That way they get to know you and your specific needs.