Estimate for Melanie Cashen – Asbury Place HOA
Address: 2295 E. Asbury Ave, Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 720-244-6284
Total Square footage: Square Footage to be cleaned:
Flights of Stairs: 9
Hardwood or Tile floors: 3
Bathrooms 0
Number of people: 0
Number of pets: 0
Double vanities 0
Requested Date of first clean:
Frequency desired: Weekly
Amount quoted: by:
Additional info:

Larry had walk through on Saturday February 2, 2019
4 carpeted floors with carpeted steps on each side. Extra steps on south side along with platform. Power only available in hallways so long extensions required. Occupant doors don’t need cleaning. Sconces and old fire equipment locations require cleaning.
Laundry room on 1st floor of about 130 sq ft needs to be mopped
Small elevator needs to be cleaned.
Water closet on 1st floor.
Parking available in spot 000. Otherwise in front of dumpster.